Air conditioning for Kids Advantages and Disadvantages

Air conditioning for Kids: Air conditioners, at home and in the car, really give great help to withstand the summer heat. But when there are children, the question arises: can they be used safely or can they hurt? Here are some tips for making ‘smart’ use of air conditioners.

Air conditioning for Kids

Air conditioning and children

Is air conditioning good or bad for children? This is a question that all parents ask themselves, fearing that the use of the conditioner could cause the child, and especially the newborn, ” cough, cold or fever from air conditioning”.

The answer is simple: air conditioning is not bad for babies and children; on the contrary, it is indicated when the temperatures are high, provided that it is used correctly.

“When you have children, even if they are very small, the use of the conditioner is not contraindicated, even if there are asthmatic pathologies,” says Eugenio Baraldi, president of the Italian Society of Infant Respiratory Diseases, “indeed it can help to make it more bearable the heat of the hottest days and allow a better rest at night, just take some precautions “.

Here are some tips for the correct use of air conditioning.

  1. Clean the filters every two weeks

This is the main precaution when using air conditioners: periodic cleaning of the filters. The frequency depends on the intensity of use, on average, however, with daily use, cleaning should be done every two weeks. The operation is quite simple with home splits, just remove the filters, remove the dirt with a vacuum cleaner or with running water, let them dry in the shade, and then reinsert them (in any case, the cleaning instructions are always shown in the d ‘use).

For the car air conditioner, just remember to tell the mechanic every time you go for the service. “Keeping the filters of the air conditioners clean not only allows the appliance to work better, but it is essential to avoid the spread of mold into the environment or, in rarer cases, bacterial contamination (such as Legionella), which can cause respiratory infections or, in predisposed subjects, allergic reactions “underlines prof. Baraldi.

  1. Cool, not ‘polar’ temperatures

To have a comfortable environment, it is not necessary to lower the temperature to excess, but it is also sufficient to decrease it by four to five degrees compared to the starting temperature. A rule that is also valid in the car: it is true that if the car has been in the sun, the passenger compartment has reached ‘oven’ temperatures, but at this point the ideal would be to turn on the air conditioner for a few minutes before picking up the child. edge, instead of ‘shooting’ the air

conditioner at maximum. “A sudden transition from excessive heat to excessive cold can in fact be irritating to the respiratory tract, especially in asthmatics” explains Eugenio Baraldi.

  1. Yes to dehumidification

After the desired temperature has been reached, the dehumidification mode alone can also be set, which, by eliminating excess humidity (which often accompanies high temperatures), significantly decreases the sensation of heat, making it much more bearable. Once the humidity is reduced, even with 26-27 degrees it is great!

  1. Direct the air upwards

“Another important precaution is not to direct the air vents directly on the child, but direct them upwards (in fact the coolness tends to fall downwards) or in any case in another direction” continues the expert. “In addition, especially at night, the fan should be set to the minimum, also in order not to excessively dry the mucous membranes”.

  1. Open the windows several times a day!

The temptation, when using the air conditioner, is not to open the windows so as not to disperse the coolness. Instead, it is important to air the rooms where the child stays or sleeps several times a day, to avoid the accumulation of pollutants, also present in the home.

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