Benefits of Babywearing with full detail

Benefits of Babywearing – promotes attachment; increases stimulation safely; leaves your hands free to your mother; it is useful in psychomotor development


Promotes attachment and trust between parents and children; increases stimulation in total safety; leaves the mother’s hands free to take care of many chores; it can be a valuable aid in case of postpartum depression and is useful in the psychomotor development of the baby. These are just some of the benefits of babywearing


What is meant by babywearing?

«Literally it means” wearing the baby “: what we mean is carrying the baby with a sling or other supports that follow the baby’s physiology. It can be done from zero to three years, but it is also possible to start later and finish earlier, depending on the needs of the child and the parent. Babywearing is a real childcare practice based on listening and contact

Why would you recommend it to a mom?

«First of all because the practice of babywearing has enormous benefits for the baby because it respects his physiology from birth. Recall that a newborn comes out of the mother’s belly around 42 weeks, but unlike other mammals, it is not self-sufficient right away, it needs a period of physical and neurological maturation called ” excogitation “: the “human puppy”, in contact with his mother he satisfied his primary need for contact ».

«Contact with the mother is fundamental for thermoregulation: children who are in contact with their mother’s skin are thermoregulated, thanks to that process called” thermal synchrony “. the Same thing happens with heartbeat and breathing . Scientific studies have found that the children carried are calmer, cry less and therefore on average more satisfied ».

What if the father brings it?

«With the father it is different: initially, as is natural, it is the mother that the child wants and seeks, but being carried by the father can only do him good. A father present during pregnancy will in fact be recognized by the newborn who will have enormous pleasure in staying in contact with him. For the father, carrying from birth can therefore be a way to get in touch more easily with the baby and learn to get to know each other earlier ».

Are there any other benefits of babywearing?

Increased breast milk production

  • Mei tai. It is a cross between a structured baby carrier and a sling, it has Asian origins and can be used as soon as the baby supports the head (approximately 3-4 months). Its use is for the belly to the stomach and for the back. The pros is that it has a very intuitive use, the cons are that it is not containment like the band and does not allow many variations (it cannot be worn on the side).
  • Structured belt bag. These are those baby carriers that respect the child’s physiology and are equipped with buckles and belts. They are suitable for children who support the seat (6-7 months) and can be carried in front or on the back.

Ring band. The “Ring sling” band (recommended when the child supports the head) can only be worn on the side and is a support that unloads the weight in a non-optimal way. It does not allow you to take long walks as the lateral position ensures that the weight is not adequately distributed and the center of gravity of the wearer is not aligned, but it facilitates the up and down when the child wants to get on and off often.

What tips can be useful for a mother who wants to approach babywearing?

“There is no ideal and right support for everyone, but every mum, every dad, and every child has their own needs. It is important to listen to them and respect them. If you find yourself in difficulty with the choice of support, it can be of great help to contact competent people. such as the Babywearing Italia consultants, in continuous training, who carry out support and support activities through individual or group consultations but also free information meetings. such as free meetings, free loan of support, and numerous social activities and projects for young and old “.

“Contact with the mother – and therefore babywearing – helps to increase milk production and therefore promotes breastfeeding: skin-to-skin contact makes the mother produce oxytocin, consequently increases the production of prolactin, and women, therefore, produce more milk. However, it is important that the carrier mother listens to her baby and especially when breastfeeding is not yet well started, urges the baby to breastfeed at least every two and a half hours, three “.

Understanding the newborn better

“Another benefit is that the mother, having the child always” in contact “, is immediately able to understand his needs: we” know “each other beforehand, and this increases the competence and self-esteem of the parents who are able to be reactive to the signals. of their own little one, satisfying their needs immediately “.


«Last but not least, let’s not forget the practicality: the mother can go back to doing all the things she did every day with more simplicity than a mother who has to look after an unborn child. Architectural barriers can be removed more easily, you leave the house more easily and you prevent new mothers from isolating themselves ».

What types of headbands are there and what are the differences?

Before reviewing the different media used by us Westerners, it is important to remember some important things that all media have in common. Whatever the chosen support, it is important that the seat goes from the bend of the knee to the bend of the knee, the so-called “popliteal cavity”. In this way the baby is adequately supported and will be in an “M” position, that is, the bottom will be lower than the knees. The fabric should allow the spine not to be squeezed but retain its natural “c” curvature which will change naturally as the child develops and grows.

In Italy we have made our own some supports:

  • Elastic band. it is the best support for the child’s physiology, it is understood that everyone’s specific needs must always be considered. It is a band in cotton jersey, 50 cm long and 70 cm high. The elastic band optimally supports up to 8 kg, then tends to yield, no longer allowing the child’s physiological position and sometimes causing some back pain to the parent. It allows you to carry only “belly to belly” and with 3-layer ties.
  • Fabric band. It is a sheet of 4 meters and 60 cm by 70 cm in height (the measures are variable according to the build and the needs of the wearer). These bands of fabric (which can be 100% cotton or cotton mixed with linen, hemp, silk, bamboo, or wool, depending on the needs of the mother and child) are the most durable supports, which are good from birth and throughout the babywearing path. The most versatile of all is 100% cotton with medium-weight (the low is about 170 to 215 grams per square meter, the average 120 -135 and the high goes from 135 and over).

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