Best incoming call App 2023

Block incoming and outgoing calls. Prevent hidden personal spam etc. Caller ID

Are you looking for a free spam call blocker?
Do you want a spam blocker for Android that blocks all unwanted calls from unknown numbers?

Meet Meet Call Blocker, a spam call blocker for free Android app that blocks unwanted calls, call centers, spam, robocalls, telemarketing, private calls, hidden calls, anonymous calls, strangers and more. Remember that you deserve it!

📲 Advanced Caller ID functionality (after the call screen), gives you detailed information about phone calls, including numbers not included in the contact list, and gives you quick and direct access to many useful functions. Provides direct access. Also from this screen you can quickly and easily add a phone number to the main blacklist without wasting time.

🚫 Don’t worry anymore.
Block incoming calls and outgoing calls from unknown callers with advanced call blocker system. Tired of annoying calls from telemarketers, spam and robocalls? Use Caller ID Spam Call Blocker to blacklist calls and reject calls you want to block.

⛔️ Block outgoing calls too.
Unlike most call blocker and robocall apps, Call Blocker provides the ability to effectively block calls for outgoing calls. Our outgoing call blocker uses a security code that makes it easy to manage outgoing calls for children, employees and people with disabilities.

❌ Confuse a real app.
Blacklisted numbers are blocked silently and without calling. So when you ignore calls with Spam Call Blocker for Android, it will delete your number forever and never bother you again. Our robocall blocker can reject calls from any unknown number that is not in your contact list.

Easily use smartphone controls to blacklist nuisance calls. When you want to make changes to the reject unknown callers blacklist, you can easily remove the number or add it to your whitelist. Block unwanted calls easily!


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