Best pacifier and which one to choose

Which pacifiers to choose based on age. And what is the best pacifier? Material, form and a list of products to buy online

Best pacifier

When a baby is born, there is a question that all mothers on the planet have in common:  Pacifier yes or pacifier no . When you learn that the pacifier is recommended after the first month of life (so as not to interfere with breastfeeding ) and that it also protects against the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, cot death), yes move on to question number 2 and that is: “What material and what shape to choose the pacifier?”.

Today we answer this second question, also offering you a rich choice of quality and safe pacifiers for your babies.

Best pacifier and which one to choose

Best pacifier: which one?

The material and shape of the pacifier must vary according to the growth and age of the little one:

  • in the first months of life, a silicone and icing pacifier is recommended,
  • after the first few months, you can also opt for drip and rubber pacifiers.

Having clarified this aspect, here are 10 pacifiers that you can choose and buy comfortably online.

We have selected the products on Amazon that have received excellent reviews and we remind you that members of the Amazon Prime program receive the product at home the day after the purchase and do not pay for shipping. Signing up for Prime is simple: just go to the page, activate the free trial and then renew for € 3.99 per month.

Goldi, cherry pacifier

Let’s start with a pacifier recommended for the first months of the baby’s life. An icing model made from 100 percent natural rubber. This is the Goldi pacifier, also for sale on Amazon. An absolutely hypoallergenic product, which adapts to the baby’s mouth, which is resistant and does not tear or ruin with sucking. It is a fairly small model, also suitable for newborns.

MAM Baby “Start” in silicone

For babies from 0 to 2 months, MAM Baby – a company specializing in the production of baby products, including pacifiers – offers the “Start” line. A product designed by dentists to ensure maximum comfort for children, to allow proper development of the jaw. The pacifier in question is made of natural latex and is a high-quality product. It has large air vents, and cute animal designs (for boys and girls).

Philips Avent 0-3 months

Here is another quality and safe pacifier for the little ones, the Philips Avent pacifier 0-3 months. A single piece with no rigid parts is recommended for the baby’s sleep and favors natural sucking. The soft and round shield recalls the mother’s breast, and also allows you to insert your finger into the teat, to lullaby and slowly accustom the baby to the pacifier. Promotes the natural development of teeth and gums.

Chicco Physio Silicone rubber

Chicco Physio Gommotto is a silicone pacifier, a single piece, very soft, and also suitable for babies accustomed to the breast. Made of silicone (but also available in rubber), this Chicco pacifier does not disturb the baby during sleep. It offers natural support for the lips, which is close to the shape of the mother’s breast and is specially designed for the development of the palate, for better breathing and to favor the natural positioning of the tongue.

MAM Air pacifier in latex

Let’s now move on to a pacifier for slightly older babies, from 6 to 16 months. It is the MAM “Air” pacifier, a model particularly suitable for children with delicate skin who tend to redden or suffer from dermatitis. Characterized by a symmetrical shape that helps to never make a mistake in the mouth. This is a ventilated pacifier, with a very beautiful design, available in various designs.

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