Best Photo Background Removal App

Automatic removal of background from video or photo

Remove background from photo and video in seconds? Keep it simple with BgRem!
BgRem will remove the background of your photo or video and replace it with 100%
automatically. You don’t need repair skills or technical knowledge – BgRem will take care of it.
And help you get an amazing result! Download the app now and get it.
Familiarity with its main features.
Automatically remove background – remove background from your photos and videos.
Totally automatic. Just press the button and get a perfect cutout!
No Watermark – Enjoy your results without a watermark.
VARIETY OF BACKGROUND – Choose your background from a wide gallery.
Colors, photos and videos uploaded to the app.
Completely Free – Use all features of the app 100% free of charge.
No Ads – Enjoy your user experience in our app without annoying ads.
Perfect for personal photos and videos – Upload photos and videos that highlight people.
For best results.
Variety of supported formats – no matter what video or photo format it is –
BgRem supports a wide range of formats, such as: .mp4, .mov, .ts, .avi, .mkv, .webp, .mpg, .png, .jpeg, .3gp

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