Best practice for mobile-first indexing implemented before 2021

Best practice for mobile-first indexing implemented before 2021


Promote video content the right way


Many industries find that making mobile apps better than having a mobile website in terms of features, user preferences, profits, etc.


The fact is, with so many apps on Google Play and the App Store, you need a method to stand out! Well, today, we’re going to discuss something I think is more effective: video content.


Establishing a reliable video marketing strategy around your app promotion will help you gain popularity and keep more people interested in and try your app. Today, we will discuss how to use video to effectively promote your app!


Why use video in your application profile

Unless you are developing a really disruptive marketing strategy, you may be producing content consisting of text, images, videos, or everything. From these three elements, it has been widely proven that video is the video that produces the best online engagement.


Videos showing products have been in use for years, many of which have become advertising icons in their industry, and have been on the minds of consumers for decades.


These videos are made to introduce the product to the audience, show the benefits of using it, and how to get it.


But video can also be used to trigger emotional reactions from viewers! This is why videos are on the minds of old people: they try to detect the emotional connection between the product and its users! This is the power of audiovisual stories.


Mobile applications are no different from other products. With video, you can show your mobile app directly to users.


Having great videos will also impress users who compare apps with similar features – this way, you can tell them why your app is better than the competition.


By using video, you can also show how to use the application. There are many ways to make a video, but the fact is that it will help you earn more from mobile apps!


How video marketing works on Google Play and the App Store

There are some differences between videos in the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS). Both are designed to increase conversions on the list of applications and attract more users, but their formats and restrictions vary between different operating systems.


Search Results

In the Google Play Store, videos will not appear in search results. They will be in the App Store, and they will also start playing quietly while scrolling, if you can make the video interesting enough to get people to click on your product, then this will be a huge asset.


Vertical or horizontal video?

Video directions are also different! On iOS, the video is specific to the device, which means that the video must be optimized for different screen resolutions. Therefore, they are vertical and provide a better experience for mobile users!


The best type of video to promote the app

There are many types of videos that can help you communicate with potential users about the advantages of your application, but today, we focus on three specific video types that are suitable for a variety of applications: explanatory videos, product videos, and customer recommendations.


Interpreter video

Interpreters are one of the most popular video content in online marketing because they can work.


These videos try to use high-quality storytelling and animation effects to showcase product value proposals (whether mobile apps or not!).


The formula used by the video description company for this type of video is to first introduce the problem, then explain how your application can help solve the problem, why it is the best option on the market, and end with a call to action (e.g. “Now!”).


If you want to make a video for the Play Store, then (as I mentioned earlier), you will have more creative freedom and you can make a fully animated video interpreter, as shown below:


On the other hand, if you need to create a reviewer optimized for the App Store, you will not be able to create animated videos, but you can still use the basic formula of storytelling video storytelling to show how the app can help you solve user problems, but Visually rely on text screenshots and products.

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