Child care himself and pulls his hair

It is psychological that a child pulls his hair or touches his skin just to keep himself happy and care for himself. Parents should not be worried about this behavior as it is natural. Some parents do worried about this behavior as they don’t know why they are doing this. There are some factors that are why children are pulling their hair. They do this because of stress or when they want to sleep. It is a habit that keeps the child busy playing with himself. It is normal. If you are observing this activity of your child you don’t have to worry. You have to provide them with something else so they pull them to fall asleep. You should provide them a doll or any animal that has hair so your child pulls them and fall asleep. It is aggressive behavior it does not mean that they are hateful but it is natural and children are human beings and they do not have control over themselves. It does not mean that you can teach them how to behave at an early age. They just control themselves with age. They are doing this just to keep themselves calm and sleep.

You can teach them behavior and they will do what you want them to do. You should interact with them and if they do not understand keep them busy with other activities. So they behave in a good manner.

You can teach your children how you can keep them away from bad activities and you discuss with them or read books about children’s emotion and behavior.

You can examine your children whether he is tired, jealous, or scared. You may know the problem and you can solve it by telling him what is wrong and what is right. It is very easy if you how to examine child behavior. Now you are able to change their behavior to positive.

You must know about your children and the child who is hurt you should give them more attention if you did not recognize this problem your child may face several issues. You may notice change in their behavior and it point of worry for you. You must keep eyes on children and if you notice this in your children and you should called them and give them love and hug. They might feel good and behave nice.

You can teach your child some good touch such as holding hands while walking and teach them some games that are strong such as tags and many more. This kind of games keep them healthy and it has such a good impact on your children.

Always ask your child to clap as this behavior keep them active and make them confident. You should praise them when you see his success and this kind of behavior give them confidence. They will always ready to compete as they know when they some good things they will be rewarded and get praised.

When child behave aggressive you should take him on your shoulder and tell them don’t hurt other it is bad behavior and they will understand and will not act like this again as he know now that if he does behave like this and this is bad action and he will not do it again.

You should avoid physical fight at home and do not show them in Tv. If you do it in front of them and they will consider it as good thing and they might start with such acts with parents and siblings which is not good and you should stop them from doing such activities.

When you see your child is aggressive towards other children and you see this act and you should not be aggressive towards them otherwise they will learn from you and they will adopt aggressive behavior. You should behave nicely and they will learn automatically and they will behave themselves nicely just watching you.

Do not leave your children to watch action movie and violent programs. They will learn from them and do the same in his or her life. That is dangerous for them and let them watch good programs and they will learn from there and will behave nicely.

We have collect data while child pulls his hair and touch his skin. This is all natural and we also tell you how you can teach them good behavior and keep them away from behaving bad.


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