The child caresses himself and pulls his hair

What to do if the child strokes and pulls his hair to fall asleep, because he is tired or because he is in a bad mood?

She strokes and pulls her hair

It appears from an early age, perhaps already around the tenth month, when there is something on the head to pull or touch: the hair. And it is a gesture that allows you to release stress and tension.

We are talking about the children’s habit of stroking or pulling their hair to relax. 

The child caresses himself and pulls his hair

Why pull your hair?

The occasions in which it can happen that the little one twists his hair are:

  • when he is tired
  • when he is nervous
  • when he throws a tantrum
  • before falling asleep
  • She pulls her hair, do I have to worry?

Together with the gesture of sucking your finger , it is one of those habits that should not awaken the parent’s attention too much. In fact, the more attention you give, the more frequent it will be.

When to worry?

If your child pulls his hair so hard that he pulls it out or spends a lot of time twisting his hair around his fingers so much that he does nothing else (and does not acquire other motor skills), it may be time to do something.

How to intervene?

To divert attention, you could offer other “hairy” animals to play with, such as an animal with a mane or a tail.

You can also distract the child by occupying his hands with the game of “clap, clap your hands” or “if you are happy and you know it clap your hands”.

To calm him down, you can pick him up and cuddle him. Don’t scold him and hug him a lot. Also give him time to relax.

Clap, clap your hands, the text

Clap, clap your hands, that dad is coming tomorrow.

He will bring the candies and (CHILD NAME) will eat them.

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The child caresses himself and pulls his hair

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