DJI Osmo Mobilem In-Depth Review and Tests | 4K |

DJI has just released this amazing phone for your smartphone, it has active tracking, unlimited speed and it is here. The new Oso phone is a beautifully designed box.

DJI Osmo Mobilem In-Depth Review and Tests | 4K |

Let’s cut it slowly. Because I want to keep things clean. You can install phones with a width of 58.6 to 84.8 mm. From this point of view, the iPhone 6S Plus comes with a 77.9 mm 950 mAh battery that lasts for 4.5 hours. Can Mint has been crafted with great intelligence.

You open it here, it’s not a drink that isn’t in the spring so you don’t have to keep something like that, you put your phone here before you call to keep your balance and the balance you get here It’s really easy to maintain.

Maintaining balance means that if the level remains the same when the phone is opened, it is not balanced. Now let me show you how it works. You can estimate the extent to which you eliminate gambling in different ranges depending on how much you use this fun.

DJI Osmo Mobilem In-Depth Review and Tests | 4K |

You can take it to take a picture, click on it to play and close the video, and here we have a stand, and then we have a triple port and charging that makes it look like a headphone jack but It is not. The headphone jack doesn’t exist, so don’t connect it to the charger and your phone, you’ll kill it. This is for this person only. Usually you want to see where you want to look, look down, look down.

If you run the trigger wherever you turn, it goes in the same direction which is good because you can use these two functions when you are out. Clicking adjusts the camera angle and turns a selfie on a triple click. Let’s take a look at Active Tracer. So now I can choose for myself and start following me so I don’t need a photographer anymore because I was that man.

What if I lose? Seven! Beautiful! And now let’s look at the chart, make it a frame and keep saying we’re here, I’ll be blown away in the next 30 seconds so you can scroll through these interesting speed charts you created. And whenever there is a new phone that has the best camera, there is the best camera on Osmo, but let’s go and check it out! First, let’s take a look at the difference between a hands-on video shoot and Osho Mobile.

DJI Osmo Mobilem In-Depth Review and Tests | 4K |

For this experiment, I am using iPhone 6S Plus which has optical image stabilization so the suspicious shots on the right are better than other non-plus iPhones. It’s so easy to use that I have no problem controlling an Australian mobile phone when I’m on the left, so start with the next installer challenge. The test that is best explained, the test started where yes yes now it’s time to do a “rock test” now I think Osmo Mobile is the best choice in different worlds.

The same gambling systems are easy to configure to use but seem to be analogous to stable systems. Tracking is amazing, timeless speed allows you to create amazing videos. Once you enable Asmo, if you want to use it with the initial install trigger and Joyce Stick action but stand up for the DJI Geo app, you’ll probably see that I have some shots.

Used the camera app during. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the best. Osmo Mobile feels natural and has a human touch. Which makes a big difference to me. Well thank you very much for watching this case and hope you enjoy it, please click the subscribe button.

Beat and participate in the world of D’Dimination! Let me know what it looks like on the Osmo Mobile Pad in the comments section, follow it, follow it! Take care of yourself until I see you and John Castle again! – What did you get me? What did you get for me yes – What do you do? – Do you have stability? Yes? – no! I’m a bad person, you have to come back. – beauty. I’m scared now – back, I’m a naughty guy! – I’m very stable, so I have to go. Then God forbid and now God forbid!


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