Everything you need to know in the first half of 2020

Everything you need to know in the first half of 2020


Users see the platform as their source of entertainment and information, and a channel for purchasing goods from official brand accounts.


In addition to personal use, WeChat is also an optional tool for communication at work. More than 80% of professionals use this platform to deal with work-related matters. In fact, no one in China uses email, and WeChat is the main channel for CRM and direct marketing.


Therefore, as a first step, we recommend that you create an official WeChat account to represent your brand and stay in touch with Chinese netizens.


Official WeChat account types: service accounts and subscription accounts

Which one is right for you?

Before you start opening an official WeChat account, you need to know some basic information. The official WeChat account can be divided into services or subscriptions, with different features. There are 3 main differences between these two accounts.


Release frequency

For subscription accounts, you can push content once a day, up to 8 articles at a time. But for a service account, you can only operate 4 times a month.


With higher publishing frequency, you can keep in touch with your followers and tell them about the brand. In addition, you can create more exposure. Due to this aspect, it is recommended to provide a subscription account for industries such as fast moving consumer goods. Compared to companies that provide basic services (i.e. telecommunications, water, banks, etc.), they need to reach more consumers every day.



In short, the purpose of a subscription account is to spread, and the purpose of a service account is to maintain relationships. With this, it is easy to determine the content that is right for you.


Since subscription accounts are not limited by the frequency of publishing, you can share more content with your followers. However, keep in mind that the average WeChat user reads more than 5 articles per day. Therefore, in order to avoid attracting users and maintain their interest, the core of this content should be educational and visionary.


Displaying the right content will encourage your followers to share content with their friends, thus achieving the goal of promoting your brand. Instead, service accounts are more about maintaining customer relationships and communicating with followers. Therefore, sales and service-oriented features are preferred.


No matter what type of content your brand chooses to focus on, remember to optimize SEO on WeChat to get higher rankings in search results and increase your visibility organically.



Subscription accounts are organized in the “Subscriptions” folder at the chat level. Your followers must click on this folder before they can view your content.


Service accounts and chat pages with your friends are displayed on the same page, thus gaining high attention and making it easier for followers to find new content.


The process of setting up an official WeChat overseas brand account

In the past, brands and companies outside of China could only create one official international account. This means that these accounts and content are not visible to Chinese users. The good news is that starting in the third quarter of 2018, WeChat removes these restrictions and opens up a platform for overseas brands. However, this only applies to service accounts.


To apply for a service account, you will need the following information and an annual verification fee of $ 50.


3 WeChat functions can be used for marketing

WeChat is also very active in improving its functionality and design to provide a better user experience. We also include 3 important WeChat functions for you.


  1. The official account now provides live streaming of WeChat

WeChat users can access real-time streaming on their official accounts. Brands can use influential influencers and strong relationships between them and the audience to drive interest in the product and promote live conversion from the live broadcasts.


All you have to do is sign up for a Tencent real-time account and associate it with your official WeChat account. In Tencent applications, streaming media can produce posters where real-time streaming information is included as a small program code. Later, they shared the poster as a push notification to their followers.


Viewers can also subscribe to watch upcoming live broadcasts by clicking the small program code on the poster, and receive notifications after the live broadcast ends.


If you want to know more about mini plans, here are some insights on how mini plans affect your marketing strategy.

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