History of the UAE (الترجمة العربية)

I think it often happens that people will look at the UAE from the outside and they will think that it is a desert and it is a camel. There is nothing else. The UAE has a fascinating history of weddings and beyond that we have stone structures that are even older than my pyramids that relate to trade and modern ideas that are a three-dimensional history of the UAE.

History of the UAE (الترجمة العربية)

Yes, the parties have to deal with each other. Welcome to the newly formed meeting of the Emirati Society of Cambridge University for the last 125,000 years. I want to thank everyone who came this evening and joined us to understand. My name is Majid Al-Sari. I am the founder of this community and I am a postdoctoral fellow at Cavendish Laboratory here in the Department of Physics at Cambridge University and I work as a housemaid for the use of solar energy.

So what we try to do comfortably is more than one thing. We want to increase interest in the cultural heritage and art of the Gulf between Umbert and Cambridge University members. We would like to partner with Cambridge University and other places to share information about the UAE and the Gulf region. And promote cultural culture and understanding. We will support UAE students studying in Cambridge to connect with the UK and the UK and the Gulf communities around the world, and most importantly on related issues in the UAE and the Gulf region. Build a platform for communication that I’m very interested in.

At the same time, access to other members of the committee is conducting scientific research to create a culture of research and at the same time we will be holding and hosting meetings which will include options, panel discussions. , Workshops, social. And other activities that serve the purpose of society. So let me tell you something about coming up with an idea for this program. So we thought the best way to show the United States is to show people, and I was 125,000 years after the history of the United Arab Emirates, and I was in 1971 during this development of the United Nations. So we think it would be nice to review the documentary and then discuss the archeology panel presented in the film.

History of the UAE

The fact is that we were not allowed to see the movie, but then we decided to talk instead. However, since we are going to talk about history, I would like to acknowledge that the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the UAE, believes in the importance of culture and heritage in the development of the UAE. “I can’t do my best, because he has to learn from the past,” he said.

Let me tell you a little bit about the structure of this event so that we have three conversations and after each conversation we have a question and answer and then we have a network connection and now we introduce our first speaker Peter Heller. Will Born in England and resided in Abu Dhabi for 40 years, he served the country’s archeology and history in 2010. To do so, after acquiring UAE citizenship, he became a consultant and author and editorial head of the UAE National Media Council of Monuments, History and Environment in the UAE. Peter was founded between 1992 and 2005

He then conducted the Abu Dhabi Archaeological Survey (ADIAS), which discovered many important historical sites in the area. These include 4 1,00-year-old Christian homes on Sir Soni Bani Yas Island and an old 500,500-year-old Neolithic village on Mara Island, where old pearls are identified in artifacts.

They will say “no” to their words. Sahara, but 9000 years of trade. “Please help me with Peter Hillier’s warm welcome. Thank you. I chose Majid’s title of ‘9000 Years of Business, Not Dealing with the Desert’ because in a few years it became clear to me and he would Anyone who has lived and thought in the UAE there is desert, sand, oil wells, and no reality is a small part of it without it, much more than the UAE. .

I am into the history of the UAE. I see some aspects that prove that Majid has read Sheikh Zayed’s copies, and I can admit that this interest has led to the preservation of his culture for the past forty years. I am interested in his country, its people, and their historical heritage, and I will soon learn its location. For the history of the UAE I can have long lists and pieces of information that seem to still be going on and you will be in trouble. When you want m. Try to get some information about it or when you show it, people will say: – Good! Oh really? I don’t know what to do with them.

History of the UAE (الترجمة العربية)

Things in the UAE or the UAE that will amaze you and sit right now, I will talk a little bit about collections, inventions and ideas. There are three main aspects to the history of the European Union, over the past 125,000 years, I wanted to say something about ancient biology and then the Museum of Natural History (London). Authors have photographs of many Musavi animals 5 million years ago. What is now, and it was two kinds of elephants in Arabia. Yes, a million years ago we had two types. At the top was a bone that had a hungry front on the sword, four key balls at the top, and two pieces at the bottom.

This is the fossil route. This is the longest in the world since the pursuit of myosin and RA protected animals. You wouldn’t think the UAE is a great place for archaeological excavations. Our geology is wrong for dinosaurs, but the best collections of terrestrial animals were found in the United Arab Emirates 5 to 8 million years ago all over the world. So the footprints and fossils of the 1.93-meter mortar will be immediately on display at the New Zayed National Museum in Abu Dhabi.

That is why we have made our place in global paleontology. After leaving Africa, the creature spread at a time when the Red Sea did not exist, and the Asia Continent process for the United Arab Emirates was underway, when the crossing points between Africa and Asia were less than five. It happened years ago and it happened years ago and there is a site in Abu Dhabi called Bara in the western United Arab Emirates. There are other places in the UAE as well. Where human evidence was found 12,000 years ago that the Red Sea may have originated off the south coast of Africa because the sea level was low.

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