History of the UAE | Emirate Of Abu Dhabi

Several phases of occupation have been shut down in the UAE and you know there are such phases because the last time you saw the light you could go through the history of the sand and even in the normal tension mechanism.

History of the UAE | Emirate Of Abu Dhabi

There are many layers of sand. So the UAE is physically modern, man, Homo sapiens, the Asian continent and finally Australia.

So in the UAE, we have a way to spread mammals and Homo sapiens from Africa to Asia. There we played a role we didn’t think of until 20-25 years ago, but research has concluded that this information has become clearer in recent times and is important. Given that the UAE now knows that it has not been found anywhere else, it also has a role to play and still has a role to play, so I can go back to the neo-Dutch coup.

Here are some of the things that a house on Marwa Island, west of Abu Dhabi, was built 7,500 years ago. This is what it looks like after digging. There are houses that were no more complicated than houses built in the UAE, because 100-150 years ago, modern colonial methods were used that were not found anywhere else in the Arabian Gulf. It was not far off, but the people who built it preserved only ancient fish and animals.

History of the UAE

He was involved in international trade. This is the bag that hit the building this March … It was made years ago in the Obaid civilization in Mesopotamia. Marwa was an island at the time and so they had to be able to move up and down the bay. They need to know how to extract marine resources. They can tell by analyzing the fish bones that you can find them. Catching fish can be found on the shore, but large groups of fish such as tuna can only be found in the deep waters of the beach, so it gives you an idea of what it would be like to build boats and build boats to cross the bay. Was But he was also interested.

This no longer happens, including the decoration of life, but people are buried with graves around their necks, and archaeologists love the tomb, which is a beautiful stone of Marwa. They had no metal. Except that there were septic tanks in the water around them and on the left side of the septic shell was made of stone oyster shell and on the right side is the oldest recognizable pearl which man uses and selects. 8 BC I will show you again from the island of Marwah and the house around it. The automotive industry began in the UAE 7,500 years ago. It ended after World War II.

But during this long period, the Romans spoke of the Gulf of Pearls. You can see the Renaissance Pensions with medallions and other jewelry, including the Bay of Pearls. It is a luxury item collected by the Gulf people and exported to Europe since Roman times, then imported to the great emperor Mesopotamia in the second and third years. Therefore, this small area with many divided islands produces enough material like pearls for more than 7000 years which may be needed but more than 7000 years. I think this is a sign that the UAE is helping to make world history. If you find Gulf pearl strings today, they are worth a lot.

 Emirate Of Abu Dhabi

I bought my late mother-in-law 40 years ago and am very grateful to my daughter who now inherits that one. It will cost more than a year. I think I would buy another one, but it wasn’t like it wasn’t just work, there was innovation. This is another example from the UAE. This is the history of history, which is 500 years before the name Dalma, far away from other islands of the Neolithic period. The reason I show it here is that carbon histories show that it is the oldest evidence of human consumption consumption anywhere in the world. There is no doubt that this person was already going to miss something

There is no doubt that this will continue for another 6-7000 years. But this is the oldest evidence. And when I talk about the descriptions of the UAE, it doesn’t mean that it never happened in the world, but the artifacts that were researched as a result of this study were by British archaeologists. Experts have done a lot. Unfortunately it did not come from Cambridge.

What can we do in the future? However a team of Cambridge archaeologists is working on the site where the crust came from, due to a lack of research and information. The pieces should be encouraged to conduct research and therefore Majid agreed to encourage similar important research.

The next step is the Stone Age, which is part of the Great Mass Cemetery. A German team from Sharjah in the UAE 2-300-2000 BC. I dug the skeleton but the reason I don’t want to show only the bones is because the picture shows some jewelry as you can see in the middle below, you can see the rest for the small, large neck flowers near the teeth. See. Signs of cars with tiny hairs and dead noses. It was put on the head.

Well this is the pearl that I showed you 1,500 years later, but it shows that people wear these things as an important part of jewelry and jewelry and this site is really 100 km long. So things that are funded by the shower will be the deal. This is for beach houses and people who are found on or off the beach. Copies of these tombs have been recovered since we first began to see evidence of international trade, as it was created at the time, but Mount Haft dates from about 3000 to 32200 BC. It is located on top of a mountain called Allen.

History of the UAE | Emirate Of Abu Dhabi

Siddiqui was an important center for Omani scouts, and this work began the Bronze Age in the UAE, when another industry was used to extract the UAE’s natural resources, including copper mining, which we located in the River Valley. Found in the Gulf and in copper. Was issued. The arm arm is beautiful along the river, which may be jewelry from Iran, or copied from the kind of jewelry you get in Iran. Innovation. The invention of the scientific method 3000 years ago allowed you to get groundwater due to low rainfall and these water canals are 3000 years old. It is in use today. At the same time, about 3000 years ago, these camel skeletons were found in the desert and have a Neolithic age history.

However, camels are said to have appeared in and around the United Arab Emirates about 3,000 years ago. Another great invention that allowed for great change. This is the age of the Tilak tears, the Iron Age and the Iron Age site. He told me it was found in the mic, a seal that had been spotted late. The last discovery of the ark allowed it to cross the Indian Ocean, and the Bahrain Sea first appeared in the Iron Age of the United Arab Emirates, and the Iron Age in the late 700-800 BC was probably an invention that It changed human walking skills.

The next thing is ideas. It is a temple built before Islam by the wealthy, Suryado Shams. This church on Sir Bani Yas Island was started by Majid when we were not in the correct history of Islam until 60,000 AD before the beginning of the active Christian community in the UAE. We knew it was the church and the president and the president were shocked when we said. The UAE today speaks of a tolerant country, and it is indeed a religiously tolerant country.

We were amazed when we first got an interesting piece of plaster of this size on the side of the site, a beautiful plaster cross. Some of my colleagues thought – oh, how can we tell the Muslim president of a pious Muslim country that we have just found a church on his private island? And I said, “I think he’ll like it!

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