How can mobile applications change the face of digital marketing?

How can mobile applications change the face of digital marketing?



Digital marketing

Digital marketing is like a haven for all your online marketing needs and endeavors. Digital channels such as social media, Google search, and email marketing use your business to connect with current and potential customers through online platforms such as websites. If you are looking for a marketing strategy that can connect you directly with your target audience at the right time, then digital marketing is the strategy of choice.


What is digital marketing?

As we strive to build online brands, digital marketing obscures a wide range of assets and strategies. Some of the most common and effective digital marketing assets are blog posts, e-books, and white papers, interactive tools, online manuals, social media, and most importantly your website.


To clearly understand how to use each asset, you need to focus on “strategies.” The most effective strategies to achieve your digital marketing goals are search engine optimization, content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click, affiliate marketing, and email marketing.


If you are already involved in digital marketing, then you must use most of the assets and strategies mentioned above. In addition, you may reach certain areas of your target audience online.


However, many marketers still underestimate the tools that are changing the face of digital marketing, which is indeed a good thing. Here, we talk about the contribution of mobile applications in the field of digital marketing. The digital world is changing every day. If you do not change with the development of technology, you will not be able to achieve your brand and online marketing goals.


How can mobile apps help?

While we are aware of the fact that digital marketing continues to evolve with the advancement of technology, mobile applications are changing the rules of the game throughout the scene.


With the development of smartphones and tablets, mobile applications have affected the lives of thousands of people including you and me. Mobile apps not only make life easier but also help us do business. Before the launch of the mobile app, sending emails, searching for information online, purchasing online, and communicating with customers has never been easier.


According to a survey conducted by Fierce Developer, mobile apps and smartphones are unconsciously affecting human behavior. On average, mobile users spend more than 50% of their time on the app.


Just like online lifestyle company Myntra, many e-commerce websites plan to turn their desktop and mobile websites into application-specific e-commerce platforms. The reason is simple. According to the survey, Myntra found that 85% of online users use local mobile apps instead of mobile websites. Many other online companies have realized the capabilities of mobile apps and are planning to move their online business to mobile apps.


With the app revolution, when you click on an available product link, your smartphone will automatically take you to the original app, or it will give you a have link to the App Store. There are more than 1.5 million real-time apps in the App Store and Play Store. If you want to get a better digital marketing effect, you need to introduce applications related to your customers to get a better user experience. Digital marketers understand this growth trend and have provided customers with related application development and marketing services.


Some interesting statistics about mobile applications:

By 2020, revenue from mobile applications is expected to reach the US $ 189 billion. Here are some interesting and incredible facts about mobile applications:


According to Flurry’s 2015 data, compared to mobile websites, 90% of mobile users spend their time in the app.

According to a survey conducted in May 2016, the average cost per app installation for Android is $ 2.33, and the average cost per app installation for iOS is $ 1.46.

According to Google data 2015, users will remove about 26% of applications after the first use, and 25% of applications will never be used after installation.

According to the Adobe Mobile Maturity Survey 2015, about 78% of organizations use paid media to divert traffic to app.

If you compare customer satisfaction, 47% of users dislike their website experience, while 45% of app users dislike their app experience.


How can mobile apps help you increase your income?

Here are some of the best tips for financial growth from CEOs of app companies and app marketers:


Amir Jirbandey # 1 of Dubber believes that as user registration increases, revenue will increase. He said: “Increasing the number of users will naturally bring us revenue growth. However, by increasing the consumption of each user, we can see the growing ARPU.”


# 2 Hopper’s Dakota Smith successfully uses its app to refine and refine push notification strategy methods, which can be key to turning your installation base into a paying customer.


# 3 Washos is an application developed by Benjamin Guez, well-known and exceptional in terms of revenue growth in the delivery of quality services and email marketing. They believe that their success in sales growth is closely related to their ability to provide first-class services.


It is important to realize that your business needs to thrive, and it is important to understand how to do this and what it means to use. In the digital ocean with billions of applications, it is better to know which tool is most useful. As a digital marketer, you need to increase your expertise in various segments.


For digital marketers, five useful mobile apps are Evernote for organizing everything, HootSuite for social media management, Flipboard for inspiration, Redbooth for collaborating, and Google Apps for all other job-related needs.


The facts and strategies mentioned above are highlights of how mobile applications can change the face of digital marketing. Whether you are a beginner in the digital world or a digital marketing expert, switching to a mobile app will give you great benefits. As a marketer, you may have many ways to attract customers, but the relationship between application and business is an hour-long demand.

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