How to choose sleeping bag

Newborn sleeping bag: it has the shape of a bag, closed at the bottom and at the sides and equipped with shoulder straps, and is used in place of a blanket and blanket.

Newborn sleeping bag

Sleeping bag yes or sleeping bag no? Is useful? Which model to choose? Does it help prevent SIDS, and cot death? And since when to use it (if to use it). asked Gaetano Chirico, Head of Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care at the Spedali Civili of Brescia, to give us some advice on the sleeping bag for the newborn.

Is it useful to use a sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag can represent a convenient alternative to sheets and blankets, which, with the baby’s movements, can tangle, cover his face or make him uncovered, making him wake up. Furthermore, the smaller the child is, the more the sleeping bag gives him that feeling of envelopment and containment experienced in intrauterine life. An even more useful sensation for premature babies.


Why premature babies

Because the premature baby, being born prematurely, loses contact with the restricted environment constituted by the uterus. The sleeping bag allows him to maintain precise boundaries, to always touch something, to feel surrounded, almost as if he were still in his mother’s womb. Precisely for this reason, after experimenting with various aids, we decided to adopt it in our Intensive Care Unit. Obviously, these are specific sleeping bags for such small children, without straps but with the shape of a real sack, to facilitate greater containment in an age when the child does not move much and does not risk slipping down. with the little head.

Is it true that the sleeping bag can be used to prevent the risk of SIDS?

To date, there are no scientific studies that certify that the sleeping bag prevents SIDS, which is the syndrome of cot death, but it is true that the sleeping bag, thanks to the suspenders, can prevent the child from slipping under the covers with the head, with the risk of suffocation. Furthermore, the bag, chosen on the basis of the ambient temperature, favors the maintenance of the right body temperature, avoiding overheating, another SIDS risk factor.

Which model of sleeping bag is to be preferred?

The most common model of sleeping bag is the one with shoulder straps, which keeps the arms free. They are generally divided into various sizes, to be chosen based on the age and/or length of the child.

Winter sleeping bag

Some models for the winter have long sleeves, often removable, so you can decide to apply th

How to choose the right thickness for the sleeping bag?

There are summer models, in cotton jerseys, and winter models, with internal padding similar to that of down jackets.

What is the Tog

For a more precise indication, many manufacturers specify the Tog, which is the unit of measurement that defines the thermal resistance of a fabric. The Tog of the sleeping bags varies from 0.5, for the lighter models, to 2.5 for the heavier ones. There is also Tog 3, but for the temperatures in our homes, it is excessive, considering that in the child’s room it should never exceed 18-20 ° at night.

Summer baby sleeping bag

If the temperature exceeds 27 ° -28 ° in the summer, it is best to avoid using the sleeping bag altogether and leave the baby uncovered.

How to dress the baby when using the sleeping bag?

Under the sleeping bag, the very normal onesie that would be put under the sheet and blankets are good, from the sleeveless bodysuit to the onesie in light cotton or chenille, depending on the season and the temperature of the room. The rule to keep in mind is that the baby must not sweat and the extremities must remain cool.

Up to what age can the sleeping bag be used?

There are models that reach up to 36 months, but the main advantages of the sleeping bag, namely safety in sleep and a feeling of containment, are concentrated in the first three to six months of life. After this period, the use of the sleeping bag depends mostly on the preferences of the mother and above all of the child, who can see it as one of the habits and rituals accompanying sleep and thus favoring sleep.

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