How to choose the clothes for the newborn

Which baby clothes to choose for the different seasons? Here are some useful tips to avoid arriving unprepared for the big event

We have reached the last month of pregnancy. We have prepared the bag to take to the hospital with things for you and the baby on the way. Easy to have what you need to be written in the hospital list, but then what will the baby need when he is home? Here is the necessary basis for the baby’s clothing

Baby clothes: basic items

  • Body: you will never have enough. Choose the short or long, depending on the season. Leotards are more comfortable because they do not rise and do not leave the back and belly uncovered. Better to choose those with side lacing, which do not have to go through the head. Children don’t like getting dressed. You will think that white is the wrong color because it gets dirty quickly. Think instead that it is the simplest then to wash!
  • Rompers: chenille, fleece or light cotton depending on the season: they will be the ones that the baby will wear the most in the first few days, so it is worth having a few more.
  • Padded outdoor suit for winter, which wraps it well from head to toe
  • Socks: not putting on shoes, cotton socks are very useful.
  • Bibs: to buy in abundance to change them several times
  • Cap: Babies just don’t like it. Use it only when it is really cold or to protect it from the sun

Remember that it is best to dress the baby in an onion shape so that you can easily undress him when you enter a club. It is therefore better to overlap medium-weight clothing with a light T-shirt, useful in autumn or spring, seasons in which the climate changes constantly. Then think about how you are doing. Your baby will not be cold if you are walking in a light dress!


Equipment for the newborn

  • Pram. You will use it for the first 6 months, then move on to the stroller. There are all models, weights, and prices. Always check if it fits in your car. You don’t want to change cars just for a wheelchair that is too big!
  • The cot/crib. To avoid unnecessary purchases and expenses, prefer a cot that can be transformed into a cot, or a cot with a reducer, to be able to take advantage of it as the little one grows.
  • Car seat, also, in this case, the size is important; you can choose an infant carrier that goes with the trio, but if the stroller does not include it, opt for an evolutionary model, which you can use beyond the first few months.
  • Changing Table:  You could opt for a chest of drawers with a built-in changing table, or create a space in the bathroom. There are all sizes.

The sizes

The labels on the clothes usually refer to either the age of the child (expressed in months or years) or refer to a classification based on his measurements: the height of the newborn, the measurement of the waist, chest, hips, the length of the feet for the shoes and so on.

The NB (New Born) measure will only be used for the first few days when the newborn will be in the hospital. In fact, in the first few months the baby will grow very quickly. Remember then that the number of months indicates “up to” so if you buy 0-3 months, it means that he will wear that garment for up to 3 months. Each child is unique and you cannot know beforehand what it will be like. You can follow the growth charts, but don’t buy everything too early, otherwise, you risk having clothes that she will never wear.


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