How To Hide Apps From Google Android Market?

How To Hide Apps From Google Android Market?

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Hiding apps in Android is a very common practice, most people do this by default. There is no need to hide apps from others especially in public places like Google Play. But this is a very bad practice. The reason being is that you should respect the privacy of others and it is not fair to invade their privacy just to hide an app.


Why do we think users do it? There are many reasons. The most obvious one is the user does not like apps that are visible on the phone. Of course there are apps that are updated every day and users may not care about them but for those which are not updated daily or weekly; they would certainly be annoyed. When this happens, then it would be a good idea to hide these apps.


The second reason is also related to the users who like to have a lot of apps on their phone. They use different applications for different tasks, so it is difficult for them to stop using them. They have the habit of installing apps that they use regularly. In this case, if the system finds such apps suspicious, it would prevent them from accessing them hence they can’t use them.


But even if the system allows hidden apps, the user has to trust the developer and if the developer does not good work; he will release the same apps later. So, this is a bigger problem. Moreover, if you don’t like apps but share your phone number with a developer, he can sell your personal details to third parties.


If we look at the third reason, it is the users who like to have more features on their phone like Bluetooth etc. When you want to access something like Bluetooth, you have to use the particular feature. This requires installation and this may not be possible in some cases. Hiding apps in Android is like locking your own system which can be illegal. The end users cannot do anything by the system and if you think about this matter deeply, you cannot come out of the fact that apps that are hidden are harmful.


On the other hand, if you use the latest Android operating system, there are new ways of hiding apps. You can go in the system settings by clicking on” Settings” option on your device and then choose “UI” option. Here you will get various options like “System Tools”, “Perfomers”, “SD Card Drivers” and so on. You can just select any app that you do not want to use and click “enable” to hide it in the future.


This is only possible if the device is not rooted. However, this is an effective way of hiding apps as the apps cannot be directly accessed by the users. This is not possible when the device is rooted.


So, we can say that yes, apps which are hidden can be very dangerous for the system. As we know that apps are used to get access to the vital system information and system data, so they are always being used as an effective way of saving space in the memory of the gadget and they do not let the users have full control over them. So, keep this question in mind and opt for apps which are being used ethically by keeping the security of your device in view.


However, there are certain apps that are available which can be used for illegal purposes. These apps should never be downloaded and used on your Android device. These apps can be very dangerous and may increase the risk of your device getting infected with a virus, Trojan, spyware or malware. So, never download any such app to use on your Android device.


android system can be easily hacked via applications that allow remote access to the system. These apps can be downloaded from the internet with just one click. So, whenever you need any latest version of any application you can download it to your device easily. If the developer does not provide any option of unlocking the bootload of your device then you need to take extreme caution.


Hiding apps is very dangerous for android users, as they are often used to collect confidential or personal information like credit card numbers, bank account details etc. So, always use a secure process to download apps. Or you can use secured web server to download any app. In this way hackers never get a chance to get any confidential information from you.

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