iOS 14 is here: how it affects your app strategy

iOS 14 is here: how it affects your app strategy



WWDC 2020 was held remotely in June and announced the arrival of iOS 14. Although expected to be officially launched in September, these updates have received new feedback and results in marketing strategies from mobile experts.


This is because these changes will affect the mobile app search system in the Apple App Store, which can interfere with user acquisition naturally. RankMyAPP has separated the headlines about iOS 14 features and how it affects ASO (App Store Optimization) and media activity. See below.


Privacy guidelines

One of the major changes announced by the event is more clearly in the app privacy guidelines, which are posted on Apple’s main channel (including YouTube for the first time in history), and the privacy guidelines will be explained on the page. This includes:


What user information will be collected, such as your contacts,

Location data that can be used to crawl on other applications and websites.

However, these innovations have brought great changes to moving experts. If a user chooses not to accept the terms set out in the guidelines (about 10% of the population is likely to accept these terms), the ad will be affected for not being able to use the information collected by IDFA.


This way, the company can no longer understand and evaluate the effectiveness of its advertising campaign, as the “Limit Ad Tracking” model will be activated. Currently, users can activate this option in device settings.


However, through the update, the person can choose whether to open it at that time. In this way, it is impossible to assess user behavior, and thus not be able to carry out more strategic acquisition activities.


On privacy, Mariana Carvalho, RankMyAPP’s leading mobile performance account, believes that this problem will make it difficult to measure revenue, but that is not a limiting factor. “The biggest question is how players and brands will learn, adapt to change and learn how to use the tools available,” the professional said.


Mariana added: “Privacy will continue to be a growing topic. Not only will Apple promote consumer protection, but LGPDs are also knocking on doors. We need to be prepared.”


Optional Cards

In iOS 13, the second app is recommended just under the featured card set, and with the launch of Apple iOS 14, the same featured app will appear after the other two options and will not be highlighted. Although seemingly insignificant, it is believed that these changes will affect the ratio of organic matter.


This is because, in the first option, considering the superiority of the application, users often only need to click to use the application. Also, this is the first option that can be seen, which further increases the chances of installing the application.


With the iOS update, the mobile app (which is the only mobile app on the page) ranks third. After making these changes, you will need to reconsider all ASO jobs for this app, as you do not have a preview before, so it may be less.


On this topic, RankMyAPP mobile growth expert Laura Kemp points out that this update may be dangerous for some apps: “The biggest highlight of this update is on the list card. Because this is a new feature that has directed users to specific applications. the apps in the list will get more attention, and other natural results will eventually appear in the background.


Application clip

The Clips app is a new feature of iOS 14. This will be a kind of app preview, where users can use certain functions and services from the mobile app, such as discount purchases or hotel reservations, without having to do so.


Regarding this update, Mariana believes it will be very important for the development of “tracking” information. “This is because, in such a small application, the effectiveness of the campaign will be measured for the most part, especially in terms of transactions.”


The professional also said: “This means that the platform needs to be customized to gather user information in printing / clicking, and then determine the branch in its path.”


Automatic correction

Another innovation that generates additional work when creating strategies for mobile devices is the automatic in-store search correction. On iPhone iOS 14, the input will be corrected automatically and only the correct search terms will be displayed.


While it does not seem to affect App Store optimization, this update will stop some of the strategies used over the years. The most common is spelling classification. That is, if you make a mistake before entering the name of the application, you will have the opportunity to find it because moving experts use this error to create a strategy.


But on iOS 14, the results will be displayed based on correctly typed terms — unless the user clicks on the “what you really mean” link as in a Google search. In other words, with this update, the chances of applications being ranked higher in search will eventually be reduced.


Another innovation is the “AutoComplete” option in the search field in the Apple Store. In this regard, RankMyAPP mobile intelligence strategist Monica Lima points out: “Changing search engines to consider automated solutions and listing cards in the results should change specific strategies and move leads in organic navigation acquisition channels.”


Review procedure

With the advent of iOS 14, if your app is rejected, Apple may challenge some specific guidelines. However, you can also take the challenge to prove that there are no violations and the application can be integrated with the App Store list.


As long as there are no legal issues, critical corrections will be approved. However, in order to release the next version of the application, you need to fix all the violations shown.


Mobile Expert Forum

Additional channels will be created so that mobile experts can share ideas, questions, and suggestions about Apple services. Thus, companies can contribute to the improvement of app owners.


Family app subscriptions and purchases

With the iOS 14 update, app subscriptions can be shared, which can result in reduced revenue for mobile app owners. However, because Mobile Expert is disabled (default settings), you can choose to activate the feature in the App Store Connect.


But it is important to note when choosing to activate family subscription sharing, as it can not be disabled later!


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