IPhone 12 Review After 1 Week | Best Iphone 12

I’m half an hour better than the iPhone 12 fans. So my guess is that depending on the brightness of your screen the mega factor in this could be to use more power with the Textra RAM.

IPhone 12 Review After 1 Week | Best Iphone 12

I don’t think it’s a ton, but it could use up a lot of energy in half an hour that might be refreshed in the future. I don’t know, but out of respect for the camera I see it now, when you watch the video in front of the front camera at the beginning of the video, all the cameras are great. Like the iPhone 12 Pro Symphony. They are not superior in any leader, which helps in autofocus and image mode. You can make night photos. You can also do this with night imaging or with night and ultra wide aperture conditions. And they’re really good for sharing photos and videos. So take a look at the few theaters I’ve caught up with. None [listener], the phone’s loud speakers. I noticed that it looks more stereo than last year.

As far as I use it. If we go to my phone 12 pro boxing, you will see, this is the video. Lithium went a little further and let me upload the video. This is a 512GB Pacific Blue iPhone 12 so what I got is nice and fast. I have no problem listening to them. They are high enough for most people. However, some people have simply said that they are a bit scary. I would say they are clean, but there is no iPhone 11 depth that at least I got more than that. So it looks great when I use it. These are decibel parts more than last year, but I don’t think they’re as rich and rich as the speakers as they were last year. I don’t think you can talk about most of them without becoming an audio engineer and knowing about these things on a regular basis. Now at the charging speed you can charge from zero to 50 charge using the Apple 20W Fast Charger, but this year it has become safer and faster.

Depending on who you ask, it’s kind of controversial, worth it. Other people don’t think so. The magnet is used to connect to the back end as it uses cheap wireless charge. You will notice that it is exclusively on the phone. That’s what some people like and some don’t like. If I remove it from the phone it will definitely stop charging, but some people don’t like it. You really have. “Why don’t you plant?” He said. I don’t need to I like it both. I like that I can use temporary charge on the phone and it is wireless. Then free port. Maybe I need to write something in it, camera footage or some import. You can So I like it. This is really for the future. Some future accessories, I want to see what they will do in the future. Of course some people say magnetism is not so strong. I think they can work on what is involved.

IPhone 12 Review After 1 Week | Best Iphone 12

Then use the case. I like it too because you have the same caliber again. Identify the problem. And I think it will still be a bad future, you have magnets and NFC now, the phone will really find it and see what has to do with it. So when he adds a case, he knows that the bag is attached to it. So if I turn off the screen, let me turn off my clipboard. Let me show you what it looks like. And we’ll come back home, make a case and you’ll see that he knows his case is closed. If you hold the blue case, it will look blue. If you make a case with it, it will look red

This can cause any problems. If there is a problem with the wireless antenna, of course it can be the same with the power media. So I think it will be an uncertain future. Now, finally, if you choose the iPhone 12 and get the update for the 128GB model, you will get only 150 yen out of the 12GB.

IPhone 12 Review After 1 Week

So you have to consider the difference between the LIDAR sensor and the telephoto lens, instead of the 12, so you get some battery with the iPhone 12 Pro. That’s why you want an iPhone 12. But generally, I go back to the iPhone 12 Pro for an extra one hundred and fifty dollars. I really like the size of this phone. It makes me much more comfortable to go from size 11 to this size. I have no problem so I can highly recommend this tone to find this phone. I don’t think so, but if I got to this point from the iPhone 11 I don’t know if it’s necessary if you don’t have a new design and camera.


Then I say if you really want to go to something 12, and expect something on it. They staged a coup in a number of ways last year for the phone. However, for some, these codes are not enough to guarantee price differences and trade-offs. But let me know what you want to do in the following suggestions. And of course I compare it to the 11 and 12 Pro. So look at those windows. If you haven’t already, if you want your wallpaper to have this wallpaper then of course I will attach it as a regular ID. And if you don’t participate, please. And if you enjoy the video, please try as always. Thank you for visiting. This is Aaron. see you later

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