More than 40 free mobile apps must be provided for marketers

More than 40 free mobile apps must be provided for marketers



To run effective marketing, we need tools. We offer hundreds of products, we try dozens of products and choose the best products. But how to choose the best tool that does not require money, especially when most of the tools that digital marketers need to work on are free?


This is a list of over 40 useful, versatile, and free mobile applications that we provide for marketers. You may have heard of it, but you may not have tried it all. Now is the time to appoint a leader and choose the leader that best suits your marketing goals.



A functional organizer is the first task because the whole work process depends on it. Have you ever tried this?


  1. Evernote

Create projects and to-do lists, add reminders and visual notes, and organize teamwork in a “work chat” on Evernote. iTunes and GooglePlay can use it. This is a user-friendly application, running fast and beautiful.


  1. Trolls

Freely used, multifunctional and mobile manager. Trello lets you use checklists to create boards, assign tasks, get notifications, control workflows, and more. Detailed interactive manual and Taco the Dog will make you shudder.


  1. Todoist

Organizers have large companies like Forbes, Entrepreneurs, and HP as customers, and have online and mobile versions. Create a project, manage it offline, set tasks, get email notifications, and use Todoist to mark and prioritize items to do.


You know them, but you do not try them. Choose the method that best suits your business communication.


  1. Skype

This does not require identification, but if you have not tried it, here are the key features of Skype:


Free video calls (up to 25 people)

Free calls for Skype users

Chat can accommodate up to 300 people


  1. HipChat

HipChat is a group messaging application that can send messages, create team chat rooms, share files, and integrate with more than 80 products, such as MailChimp, Hangouts, Twitter, Wunderlist, etc. This allows you to collaborate with colleagues on new ideas, projects, and activities. Safer and more secure than email, and integrated with Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket.


  1. Viber

Viber’s core functions are the same as other Messenger: free calls, chat, and data connection.


Add points:


Sync with phone address book

No registration required

Sync between a desktop computer and mobile device

Public chat

Funny games and stickers (marketers don’t necessarily do business, do they?)

  1. Base Camp 3

Basecamp 3 is a group messaging application designed around six functions, including planning, data storage, real-time chat, task lists, orders, and automatic check-in. WWF and NASA are its users.


  1. Asanas

TED, The New Yorker, Samsung, BBC, and Pinterest all use these corporate communication tools to work. Asana helps create chats, tasks, and to-do lists; this allows you to comment, share files, track work, and get results.


Add points:


Notification of ongoing projects

Fast registration through Google

User-friendly interface

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular service for telephone and message communication. Applies to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users.


Add points:


No registration required

Text, voice, and video communication

Chat and public mail

Sync with phone address book

  1. A place to hang out

User friendly and visually pleasing, Messenger is very popular among Google users. Hangouts allow messaging and video conferencing (up to 10 people), phone calls, and text messages. You can also find out the geographical location here.


  1. Relax

Slack is a team messenger that can be used for team communication and workflow organization. Marketers use it to:



Share and edit files

Find team conversations and past files

Organize project work

Focus on the important things

Slack is integrated into Dropbox, Asana, Google Drive, Twitter, etc.


  1. Periscope

Real-time video streaming is great for business meetings, brainstorming meetings, sharing news with team members, etc. Periscope can be used on iTunes and Google Play; it is multifunctional and can log in with your phone number or Twitter account for free.


write a blog

Digital marketing depends a lot on content. Business blogs have become a major source of communication with customers, so be sure to consider the following methods.


  1. WordPress

If you are using a WordPress blog, you need a mobile version of this platform. Even if you do not currently have access to the Internet, it can manage content. Like the web version, you can create, edit and publish posts, review them, get notifications and analysis, etc.

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