Re-grow your mobile application development business

Re-grow your mobile application development business



A report released by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 2008 shows that there are more than 5 billion mobile phone users and 1.9 billion people using the mobile Internet. Recent statistics show that Apple has sold more than a billion apps from its iTunes store. Compared to mobile applications, traditional web applications and enterprise software solutions use very high bandwidth. To save bandwidth and operate efficiently, mobile solutions have recently become increasingly accepted. This is the motivation for all software companies to suggest better mobile applications.


Mobile application development services

At Cedex Technologies, we develop native and hybrid mobile applications. We developed native Android apps, native iOS apps, React native apps and Flutter apps. We make sure that your specific mobile application meets all the requirements we have met, and once launched, we will help you add new features to the application.


Use the general Flutter framework to support your business idea with a cost-effective and seamless development process. As early adopters of this technology, our team leverages features such as hot refresh, expressive UI, promising features, a code base, excellent widgets, and rich Motion APIs to speed up time Produce the best locally compiled app programs in. Free and open source, faster design and development, better resource utilization, faster testing, and poor maintenance complexity are some of the factors that make Flutter an excellent low-cost application development solution.


Android application development

Demand for Android apps is growing every day as it provides a smart way to connect with your 24 × 7 online business. Android apps help attract customers to use your products and services. They are able to interact and interact with the audience in real time, and build strong relationships with the brand. The app provides more personalized settings than mobile websites. Their ability to work offline can save users time and data.


The Cedex Technologies technical team consists of experienced Android UX / UI designers, developers and strategists who provide high quality Android development services. We develop innovative, scalable and interactive Android applications to suit your needs.


IOS app development

IOS app development is a layered process, ranging from choosing the right design platform, programming language, and finally becoming an easy-to-use native app. The premise is that developers must have the expertise to run in Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE) and write code in Swift or Objective-C programming languages. In addition, they must have a thorough understanding of the basic abstraction layers that define iOS architecture and how app files are combined.


Mobile applications can be built for various vertical industries such as healthcare, banking, insurance, etc. The app can be built on different mobile platforms, such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and BREW. These applications can be stored in their respective mobile app stores. In fact, by  user applications in the app store, the income of individuals or companies will increase.


In today’s situation, common apps with higher revenue streams are games, geographic markers, music apps, currency converters, online libraries, and merchandise in popular showrooms.


Game apps: mobile gaming is an addiction these days, regardless of age or mobile user status. A large number of for mobile game applications are not only for children or teenagers, but also for adults. The secret to making a splash in the app market is to build apps that are compatible with major mobile platforms such as the iPhone and Android. As these two mobile platforms now dominate the mobile world, it is important that every application developed is able to run successfully on these platforms.


Geotagging application: People can use this app while traveling with proper directions. This application is also used as a vehicle navigation system.


Music application: This is one of the main areas that shows the main interest. The level of success of this application is high. a free music app that not only allows streaming but also stores songs in the network.


Currency Converter: This application is used mainly for stocks, foreign exchange and international tourists.


To implement high-end mobile applications that meet the needs of your business, make sure these applications are developed by professional developers or organizations that focus on and have skilled mobile computing resources.

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Cross-platform mobile application development


Demand for mobile app development is increasing day by day, and many new concepts are entering the market to boost the mobile app industry. One of them is mobile application development across platforms.


With the rapid growth of technological innovation, developers continue to focus on application development tools or frameworks that can simplify work and minimize application development time. Whether you are a professional developer or a beginner, here are the 7 most popular cross-platform application development tools you need to know by 2020.

Today, in a highly competitive market, developers are looking for excellent application development tools; on the other hand, companies are looking for the best way to grow their business. From start-up companies to millions of companies, apps have played an important role in business growth and helped them in a variety of ways.


Prior to the introduction of mobile development across platforms, the mobile application industry had a major shortcoming. Apps developed using the Android platform are not suitable for iPhone smartphones. Similarly, applications developed with the help of MAC OS are not suitable for Android-based smartphones. This problem is considered a major weakness in the mobile application development industry.


However, as you try to determine which tool is best, there are several factors that can be used.


Usually, the platform you create determines the type of tools you will use. You will use different tools, depending on whether you develop for Apple or Android.


For example, if your app is built strictly for the Google Play Store, then you will be using Android Studio for development. And Xcode is used for iOS applications.


However, modern development framework technology means you can expand to two platforms at the same time.


This makes developer work easier, so you don’t have to go through the same process twice on two different platforms.


If an entrepreneur needs a mobile application for business purposes, the application must be developed across all platforms. For business owners, this proves to be very expensive.


Mobile development across platforms can solve the above problems. Developers can use many resources to develop mobile applications across platforms. Some are listed below:


Rho Mobile Development: This is a Ruby-based framework that helps developers develop mobile applications across platforms. Using this framework, application developers can develop mobile applications that are compatible with other platforms. This is an open source framework called Rhode. Developers only need to write the initial code. The framework then transforms this code into an appropriate application code that fits all platforms and operating systems.


Phone Gap Expansion: With Phone Gap, developers can create applications for iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Palm. HTML and JavaScript languages ​​are used here for mobile development across platforms.


Titanium development: The Titan framework helps developers develop applications for mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. The languages ​​used here are HTML, JavaScript, Python, PHP, etc.


There are more resources on the market that can be used for mobile application development across platforms, but those resources are not as effective as the three sources above.


Both operating platforms (OPs) are in the forefront. Whether you are a mature business or a start-up company, developing a Native Android or iOS App is always an expensive transaction. So today, when companies are considering developing applications, cross-platform mobile application development solutions become their idea. Even start-ups and small and medium enterprises find that cross-platform is an incredible technology because it allows them to develop applications, and applications can run on multiple platforms through a set of code libraries on one platform, including iOS, Android and Windows.


Currently, compared to other single platform applications, the market demand for cross-platform mobile applications is very low. However, once entrepreneurs start using it, they will enjoy huge advantages in terms of money and time. It is emphasized that entrepreneurs must start using these resources to increase the income and customers of their business. Resources for cross-platform application development are increasing day by day. There is no doubt that in the near future, mobile applications will give a big boost to entrepreneurs.

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