Sewing Bags – Instructions for DIY Sleeping Bags / Baby Sleeping Bags.

When it comes to topics as important as our young children’s sleep, you don’t want to play it safe when choosing your bed and mattress. Unfortunately, bedding and sleeping bags are often not in the desired design and only, if you have already done some stitching for the nursery, you will want these textiles to fit the rest of the equipment and fit well. Become


For example, substances offered with a KOTEX100 or GOTS certificate are completely harmless. Whether you choose woven fabric, ie plain, non-continuous cotton fabric, or jersey, sweat, fleece, nicky or plush, of course it depends on several variables. Basically, this kit is suitable for all kinds of fabric. If your baby is still very young and born in the summer, your cotton will be a nice, soft, thin fabric. Because it is not small, it is secondary in this case, because very young children do not grow as big as adults. For the transition period, dresses like jerseys – even with thin fleece or nicky – are great. There is also a thick “stuffing” with a plush winter suit for the winter season. In the outdoor area (for a walk, for example), in the nursery, of course.

I chose four different jersey outfits. Since the bag becomes an inverted baby’s gold bag, I can decide each time through different designs, which material to look out for / above. Of course, the inside and outside can be sewn together with the same fabric, just as an entire baby sleeping bag can be sewn exclusively with a single fabric.

The amount of material

The minimum size of individual pieces of fabric should be 25 cm at the top and 35 cm at the bottom and 40 cm in length. For this purpose, a seam allowance of about 1 cm is added. For the cuff you need about 35 cm wide, but this will be calculated later. The height depends on how high the end should be. I like to have high cuffs, which I can fold or pull back if needed, so the bag grows to the size of some clothes and can be used longer. If you want to have a cuff of 10 cm, you have to measure the height of the seam allowance in addition to 20 cm. In my case, the height including the seam allowance is 35 cm.

Sewing pattern for baby sleeping bag.

Depending on your taste, a bag can have many different shapes. From square over cloud format to classic drop shape (without braid), which I will present today. As an example, it is better to take a piece of newspaper or paper that is 35 cm wide and 40 cm high and fold it once in width, so it is 17.5 cm wide and 40 cm high. In the upper part, mark the point 12.5 cm from the fold and draw the shape of the tear towards the full width and round down a little from there. If the “bottom” of your droplet is straight instead of round, it facilitates a later hidden seam, which must be applied by hand. Because of this, my droplet is a bit flat. Cut off your drop and make two pieces of fabric for about 1 cm seam allowance inside and outside.

Tip: To save time (if you work with a cotton fabric or jersey, ie a thin fabric), you can also place the four layers of fabric on top of each other, using all four fabrics. Can tie patterns with pins and cut all at once.



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