Teeth cleaning for babies

It is very important to start cleaning the teeth of the little ones from the first months of life. We offer you a selection of tools necessary for the care of the teeth of babies and children and some toothpaste suitable for them.

When to start brushing the little one’s teeth? It is very important to start from the first months of life, using the right tools. If children get used to brushing their teeth early on, it is certain that they will not refuse to carry out this important action for health every day as they grow up.

cleaning baby teeth

On the market, there are numerous items for babies and children, which are useful for cleaning the oral cavity. It should be remembered that, in the case of tooth brushing, autonomy is obtained around 10 years.  From 0 to 10 years, the parent helps the children to brush their teeth, for example by giving a precise brushing to the arches and all the teeth.

Furthermore, with regard to toothpaste, it is essential to evaluate what is inside: especially the fluoride content, based on the age groups. So fluoride yes from six months, but pay attention to the quantity: at the beginning, only a veil (or a grain of rice) is fine, towards the age of 6 the quantity to be given is equivalent to the size of a pea.

Garzine per neonato Topjess

For the first months of the baby’s life, it is possible to use the special gauze pads for dental cleaning. Thanks to these, it is possible to effectively remove milk stains, keep the mouth clean and ensure good oral hygiene.

Chicco teeth cleaning thimble 

Here is a silicone thimble from the Chicco company, perfect for removing milk from the mucous membranes of newborns. In fact, the child needs relief to the inflamed gums during the growth of the first teeth: the Chicco finger teether in soft silicone is perfect for cleaning the teeth and gums of very little ones. It is suitable for babies from 4 months onwards. In the package, there is also a gingival gel, with xylitol which has an antibacterial action, and chamomile with a soothing effect.

Toothpaste for children with low percentage of fluoride

Elmex children’s toothpaste

Elmex Children’s Toothpaste is suitable for children from two to six years and has the fluoride concentration recommended by dentists. It protects against cavities and remineralizes the teeth. It is a gel that contains amino fluoride. It cleans the teeth thoroughly and gently.

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