Top 21 Blogger mobile apps

Top 21 Blogger mobile apps


An application that allows bloggers to blog more often, write better articles and track the success of their websites and social media.


Blogging apps allow bloggers to manage their time better and do more work!


As technology changes, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the new applications.


In addition, smartphones are fast becoming obsolete, and phone apps are constantly being updated.


Finally, it is difficult to know which phone application to save and which phone application to delete. This article will help!


The best blog mobile app

First blog application: IFTTT application

The IFTTT (“If This Then That”) application is an application that allows your application (such as Instagram and GMail) to communicate with each other. The process of talking to each other is called making RECIPE.


A good example of a recipe is you can set it up to save all Instagram photos to DROPBOX. This is one of the many “recipes” available. The IFTTT application is one of the most useful applications that bloggers can own. To learn more about IFTTT, see: 20 ways IFTTT applications can make your life easier.


Blog Application No. 2: Buffering App

Buffer lets you plan (or redesign) your social posts anytime, anywhere. Great for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I like that you can add pictures directly from the URL. This saves time because, for example, you do not have to save a picture to your phone and manually add it to each tweet. This is a nice feature of the Buffer app, as tweets with pictures tend to cause more interaction. (for iOS or Android)


Blog Application No. 3: WordPress Application

Allows you to do almost everything you normally do on the desktop. For example, compile new posts on your blog, view tracking comments and statistics. (for iOS or Android)


4: Evernote application

Let Evernote change the way you organize personal and professional projects. In-depth research: take notes, make to-do lists, and save content you find online on Evernote. The app will also automatically sync everything between your phone, tablet and computer. For many bloggers, this is a must have app! (for iOS or Android)


5: Aweber Application

Use the AWeber app (iOS or android) to check automatic answer sequences and post results anywhere. You can also easily see how many new customers you have and stop subscribing. It has no special features, but the Aweber app makes viewing statistics very easy and looks great.


6: Google Analytics application (analysis)

Access all Google Analytics web data and applications via mobile devices. Use real-time reports to monitor recent changes. Share the report with anyone. (for iOS or android).


7: Pinterest app

Search, search and save great content across the web. Use it for inspiration or practical ideas in everyday life. Use this app to save articles or ideas you want to refer to later. See also: A guide to getting started with solid Pinterest traffic



8: Google Keep

Google Keep lets you add and save notes, photos, and audio. Then, you can organize all the content you want to define into easily accessible labels in a variety of colors to find later. Very smart and useful application!


In addition, there is a memo reminder function and a voice memo recording function and copying it later by the application. Google Keep for Android | Google Keep for iOS.


9: HubSpot sales application

Officially called Sidekick, also known as Sales for HubSpot (from iOS or android)


This application allows you to create a database of personalized email templates and sales content, which you can access directly from your inbox. With the metrics provided by the app, you can see the most opened and most clicked email templates. This allows you to share the best methods across the team.


It also provides excellent social media integration. There is a free version and a CRM version.


10: Podcast Addict Application

This is a great app for managing all podcast subscriptions. You can episodes and create great playlists, because this way, when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, you will not use any data. (Android only)


Listening to podcasts is a great way to gain more knowledge while doing other activities. Some recommended podcasts include:


Ben Settle

Strange entrepreneur Justin & D Verrengia

Team Ferris performs (apparently Team Ferris)

Amy Porterfield online marketing has become easy

11: MobileVOIP application

MobileVOIP is a free iPhone cheap phone app that lets you make (free) domestic or international mobile voip calls directly from your iPhone. (suitable for iOS or android or other mobile phones). If you do not have an iPhone, you can install it in various ways. Just install the MobileVOIP application to save on your phone costs.



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