Top Reasons Why Strategy Game Apps Is Popular Among Online Players

Top Reasons Why Strategy Game Apps Is Popular Among Online Players

Strategy game apps have become huge hits over the past few years, with more people taking to them like a hobby. The reason is that this type of game has something for everyone – from casual gamers to hardcore strategy enthusiasts. Moreover, it provides great entertainment value and relieves stress. To get to know what the big secret is here, let us first examine what strategy games are. In essence, they are games where players take on the role of a military leader and make a campaign to defeat the enemy using a variety of strategies.

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Apples-to-Apps As mentioned above, these games take the player’s part in campaigns against the common enemy – the iOS device. However, one cannot simply take on the role of an army leader, as each soldier has his/her own skills and capabilities, and needs to be supplemented with some weapons as well. For example, a rifleman must be able to use both his weapon skills along with his tactics skills to win the battle. Thus, each soldier has a unique set of skills, which need to be honed and learned with every campaign.


App Extensive gamification With a gamified interface, there are a variety of features waiting to be explored by players. In fact, the most popular strategy game on the App Store is Mahjong, which allows players to create their very own strategy to beat the computer. Players can also try out their hand at card games, such as poker, solitaire, and others. Moreover, there are numerous achievements, levels, and achievements to be earned on the app. Therefore, if you are a fan of card games, you will love the game on the app.


Secret Messages This is one of the most innovative aspects of this strategy game. Usually, you receive secret messages from your friends or family, but in this case, you will be able to read the messages as well as see the photos taken by them! The photos may include images of you and your loved ones, as well as the location of the photo shoot. Thus, you will be able to keep track of your relationships from all over the world.


Social Gaming With more people playing this strategy game, it has become quite popular on social gaming platforms. You can get involved by signing up for these games. As you play the game, you will be able to interact with other players as well as compete with them. Moreover, you can even earn points, buy gifts for other players, and so much more. However, to be sure that you will benefit from all of these benefits, it is important to purchase your app as an individual app instead of using a promotional app from the main developer. This way, you will be able to gain access to the app store, market your app, and let many people know about it.


You will also be able to enjoy more features, such as chat, polls, leaderboards, and so much more. Since these apps are mainly targeted for social gaming, it would definitely give you an advantage compared to those developed for business or educational purposes. Since these apps are more interactive, you will also have an easier time connecting with other players. Thus, you have a great chance to meet new people, exchange ideas, and so on. Apart from that, your app will be promoted to more users who spend more time gaming.


App Distribution You can choose to either allow only selected people to download your app or have it distributed all across the different platforms such as the iOS, Android, and so on. In the former case, your app will be given only to people who have purchased its official version. In the latter case, you will be given an app installer, which you can use to distribute your app. This will allow you to reach more people while giving you a bit of extra marketing exposure. Aside from that, your app will also be promoted in different sections that have a high traffic, such as the app store, the Google play app, and so on.


Game Design Since the games come with different levels of complexity, they can easily attract different types of users. If you have the budget, then you can hire an expert game designer to create a custom-made version of your app. However, this could turn out to be quite expensive. For lower budgets, you can simply opt for a flash-based game, which is also popularly known as appslet. With the right game design and features, you can easily attract an audience that includes children.

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